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Acupuncture For Immune System

immune system, Acupuncture for immune system

The cells, tissues, and organs that make up your immune system serve as your body’s security guard, helping to ward off outside invaders like bacteria, parasites, and other germs that can lead to diseases. Immune system disorders can range from minor seasonal allergies that only cause slight irritation to life-threatening conditions like leukemia.

On the other hand, a weaker immune system might make you more susceptible to infections. This happens due to stress, lack of sleep, and other common diseases. Acupuncture for immune system can help to boost your immune.

Can acupuncture help the weak immune systems? The answer is yes, by boosting and harmonizing the immune system, acupuncture therapy can cure various medical disorders, including immunological deficiencies.

By raising T-cell counts, red and white blood cell counts, and boosting humoral and cellular immunity in patients with immunological-related illnesses, acupuncture can boost a compromised immune system.

Acupuncture Points to Immune System

Acupuncture for immune system, acupuncture points for immune system

Acupuncture points to boost immunity are:

Stomach 36 (Zusanli)

Excellent for treating a wide range of diseases and beneficial for overall health. This is a particularly relaxing acupuncture point and one of the greatest for building the body. It gives you more energy and aids in your body’s ability to combat any infections you might be experiencing. 

Acupuncture point 

Stomach 36 is situated directly below the knee outside the leg. Put your hand slightly below your kneecap and feel around the border of your shin bone for a sensitive area.

Large intestine 11 (Quchi)

Fantastic for lowering fever and warding off the flu and colds. It is excellent for reducing inflammation as well. This point will likely be used in your acupuncture treatment whenever you feel feverish or sick.

Acupressure point

When your arm is slightly bent, you can locate Large Intestine 11 outside your arm at the end of the elbow crease.

Gall Bladder 20 (Feng Chi)

The head and neck region may benefit from acupressure or acupuncture at this time to treat conditions including headache, stiff neck, red and itchy eyes, and nasal obstruction brought on by allergies or the common cold. In addition, the immune system is calmed when these sites are massaged, which is a tremendous benefit.

Acupuncture point

It is located next to the tendons of the trapezius muscle, at the region where the top of the neck and the base of the skull meet.

Lung 7 (Lieque)

It serves as a “command point” for head and neck conditions and guards against the flu and the common cold. In addition, it is widely employed to treat inflammation and localized pain.

Acupuncture point

Along with being on the arm, the acupuncture point for the immune system is Lung 7 is situated below the wrist bone on the thumb side of the wrist, between the two tendons.

Spleen 6 (Three Yin)

This point strengthens the immune system. Additionally not recommended throughout pregnancy is this point.

Acupuncture point

The highest point on your inner ankle bone with four fingers (medial malleolus). The tip will be situated on the bone’s backside (tibia).

The Heavenly Star Points are a collection of acupuncture points that includes all the points mentioned above. In addition, acupuncture points to increase the immune system given are very effective.

Out of the more than 400 acupuncture sites that are distributed throughout the body, this collection of 12 points is said to be among the most effective and practical. At least one of these points will frequently be used during an acupuncture session due to their success in treating many illnesses.

How does acupuncture boost your immune system?

Acupuncture boosts the immune system and strengthens your overall health, increasing your body’s ability to fight against infections. Studies have demonstrated that acupuncture efficiently promotes the body’s white blood cell and T-cell counts, with improvements in immunological function lasting up to a month after treatment.

Acupuncture is another method that can be used to treat conditions that adversely impact your immune system. Acupuncture to build the immune system is a very good idea to try.

Why You Should Book An Appointment For Acupuncture Right Away

You will become less sensitive to viruses and other diseases even after just one acupuncture session. This is because a weak immune system can first be strengthened by acupuncture by producing more T cells, red blood cells, and white blood cells.

If you choose to have regular sessions, acupuncture therapy doesn’t take much time and has effects that last for days or more. So call us or use our website to schedule an acupuncture visit with JSK Acupuncture right now.

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