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Everything About Cupping Therapy

cupping therapy

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) employs the treatment of cupping therapy to promote qi flow and remove the blockage of chi. Qi, the free flow of life energy that flows through the body and the environment, can become blocked or unbalanced in the body if it is disturbed. Therefore, cupping therapy is also known as hijama cupping therapy.

Celebrities and Olympic athletes are rediscovering cupping therapy benefits. You may have even observed individuals at your gym or swimming pool with those recognizable red circles on their shoulders and backs. People are increasingly asking for cupping therapy to ease their persistent muscle discomfort. 

Cupping therapy benefits and side effects

Take a look at the benefits of cupping therapy:

Pain Relief

Cupping therapy benefits include faster pain relief. Pains related to arthritis, lower back discomfort, etc., can be relieved by cupping. In addition, other types of pain, such as headache, migraine, tooth pain, muscle pain, sciatica, etc., can be efficiently treated by cupping.

With arthritis, the affected joints are cupped. Cupping improves blood flow and mobility, making it a successful treatment for stiff shoulders and stiff necks.

Keeps Skin Healthy

The condition of your skin is a direct reflection of your internal health. Cupping therapy increases the blood flow to the skin, which increases the amount of oxygen and vital nutrients that the skin requires to stay healthy. Additionally, it helps to lessen the recurrence of skin conditions, including cellulite, eczema, and acne. Additionally, cupping therapy helps to eliminate toxins from the skin’s surface and widen blood vessels to improve blood flow.

Helps in Digestion

One of the cupping therapy benefits is that it helps in digestion. Through the parasympathetic nervous system, which cupping helps to activate, the digestive tract receives more blood flow. In addition, the inside of your digestive organs is also stimulated by gentle cupping across the abdomen. As a result, it promotes blood and body fluid flow through your organs, aids in peristalsis, helps eliminate colon blockages, and relieves indigestion.

Increases Blood Circulation

The cup’s suction improves circulation in the area where they are inserted. The increased blood flow to that area can encourage cell regeneration and reduce muscle strain. The appearance of cellulite is also diminished by cupping, which increases circulation.

Tissues Release Toxins

The organs in your body that eliminate toxins from your blood really exist. The modern way of life, however, overburdens your body with poisons. Your body is assisted in expelling those toxins through cupping therapy. Focused blood flow benefits your body by clearing accumulated toxins through the lymphatic system. Cupping therapy benefits makes you feel like giving it a try!


Your parasympathetic nervous system activates as your therapist moves the cups over your skin. This encourages deep relaxation throughout your body. In addition, your parasympathetic nervous system controls your heart rate, aids in digestion, and stimulates your glands and intestines. This is one of the most needed benefits of cupping therapy for athletes.

Side effects of Cupping Therapy:

Though cupping therapy benefits are many, cupping has some negative side effects also. The adverse effects you can experience often happen during or right after your therapy, including:

  • Round cup marks
  • Discolouration
  • Dizziness

Throughout your treatment, you can experience fainting. You can also feel nauseous or sweaty.

Following treatment, the skin around the cup’s edge may itch and develop circular marks. Also, following your session, you can have pain at your incision sites.

Types of Cupping Therapy

Dry/Fire Cupping Therapy

A cup made of glass or plastic is put on the skin in dry cupping, and the air inside is sucked out or vacuumed. The cups can be applied for five to ten minutes, either still or while moving.

Dry cupping therapy benefits:

  • It helps lower chronic pain.
  • Promote blood flow and cell repair.
  • Reduces stiffness.

Wet cupping therapy

Wet cupping produces a slight suction by leaving a cup in place for around three minutes. Your skin is then lightly and minutely sliced with a little knife by the therapist after removing the cup. They then perform a second suction to remove a small amount of blood.

Wet cupping therapy benefits

  • Removes toxic substances from the body. As a result of this, it promotes healing.

Sliding cupping therapy

Large back muscular groups are routinely treated with the sliding cup technique to relieve pain and muscle spasms. Before placing the cups, massage oil is given to the skin to make it easier for the cups to glide over the skin’s surface.

Sliding cupping therapy benefits:

  • Relieves pain to a greater extent.
  • Provides relaxation.

Cupping therapy is an age-old practice and helps people with many benefits. You can give it a try to take cupping therapy benefits.

Call us or speak with your massage therapist for an appointment. Our therapists have received training and certification in secure and reliable cupping methods.

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