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 Facial Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been practised for many years. It is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine and may be used to treat nausea, headaches, and body aches. But you might be surprised by its added advantages, particularly if you elect to have your acupuncturist work on your smile lines.

Acupuncture for facial rejuvenation is one of the benefits. Facial Acupuncture is said to be a safer option than Botox or surgery.

How Does Acupuncture For The Face Work?

It naturally contributes to the appearance of younger, smoother, and healthier skin. Additionally, unlike injection techniques, facial Acupuncture targets both the skin’s general health and indications of aging.

Given that there are two general types of face acupuncture, possibly cosmetic Acupuncture is the one that specializes in enhancing the look and feel of the skin. However, it’s vital to remember that facial Acupuncture may be seen as a single, inclusive, broad category that encompasses both of these specificities in other contexts.

For facial Acupuncture

Needles are progressively inserted into the numerous muscle points on the face and surrounding areas during facial Acupuncture. In this way, facial Acupuncture is being utilized as an alternative medicine because this pain may indicate that a person may be suffering from some health issue. If the problem is severe, this is typically done in conjunction with some medications.

For Cosmetic Acupuncture

To encourage the body’s natural healing processes, needles may be put elsewhere in addition to your face during cosmetic Acupuncture. These operations can ultimately reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, making the skin look healthier and brighter. Making the skin appear younger and fresher is the aim here.

The science underlying all forms of Acupuncture performed on the face is that “painless trauma sites” are created on the face when needles are repeatedly inserted into different locations on the face. As a result, the brain is tricked into generating more collagen and elastin, which lessens the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

Facial acupuncture points

Facial acupuncture points are given below:

1. Celestial pillar

These pressure points are situated one finger’s width (or half an inch) below the skull’s base. 

These pressure spots aid in the treatment of skin conditions like acne. The points also improve the general texture of the skin while relieving stress and exhaustion.

2. Third eye point

A finger’s breadth away from the bridge of the nose, the third eye point is situated in the space between the brows. 

The pituitary gland, the master endocrine gland, is stimulated by this pressure point, which helps to smooth out the skin’s texture. Additionally, this Acupuncture is for facial wrinkles also.

3. The facial pressure point

Pressure points for facial beauty are found around the mouth’s corners and the cheekbones’ bottom corners.

This pressure point is utilized to tighten sagging cheeks, lessen blemishes and acne, increase blood flow to the face, and revitalize the face. Additionally, it is used to treat face congestion, eye pain, and runny noses.

4. Pressure points on the four whites

A half-inch (one finger’s breadth) below the bottom orbit of the eye socket, in line with the eye’s iris, are four white pressure points. 

The pressure points lessen acne and blemishes.

5. Pressure points for heavenly appearance

Heavenly pressure points lie a few inches below the earlobes, behind the mouths (just below the jaw bones).

The tone of the facial muscles and connective tissue, as well as the skin’s shine, are enhanced by these pressure locations. This can reduce the visibility of wrinkles without medication or surgery.

6. The three-mile point

The three-mile points are situated outside the shin bone, 4 cm (four fingers’ breadth) below each kneecap.

Your skin will glow as a positive result of these pressure spots strengthening and toning your muscles. It also aids in conditioning the skin generally.

Include these acupressure points in your everyday beauty routine to discover how your skin will radiate with excellent health.

Benefits of facial Acupuncture

Improved blood circulation

It has been demonstrated that inserting needles into various facial spots increases blood flow to the area, which brings more oxygen-rich blood to your skin cells. This phenomenon also promotes the body’s natural skin-healing processes, renewing your skin for younger-looking skin with fewer fine wrinkles.

Increased collagen production

Collagen production increases when blood circulation improves since placing very thin needles into the face causes a painless trauma response from the body, which then tricks the brain into generating more collagen to heal skin cells. This smoothes the skin’s wrinkles and fine lines, giving it a younger, tighter appearance.

Improved skin elasticity

Your skin will become more elastic as a result of the increased collagen production over time, preventing it from sagging. Positive findings from a South Korean study lend faith to this view.

Facial enhancement acupuncture is beneficial with no major side effects as you face in botox or some surgery.

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