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Get Rid of Back Pain and Shoulder Pain by Physical Cupping Therapy.

Cupping therapy

Are you suffering from chronic back pain or neck pain? We understand your pain and how debilitating it can be every day. Physical treatment or surgery is no answer to this problem. There are many alternative ways like chiropractic care, physical cupping therapy to get relief from back pain. Keep reading to know If cupping therapy can help you with body tissue pain.

What Is Cupping for Physical Therapy?

Cupping treatment requires warm cups positioned on the skin to ease blood circulation. Designed with glass, the cups create a vacuum in the area where they’re placed. As a result, the tissue gets pulled into the cup and blood on the surface.

The purpose of cupping in physical therapy is to increase the blood circulation in the body and lose the connective tissue responsible for causing inflammation & pain. This therapy is inspired by the traditional Chinese practice that is used to free the chi (energy) blockage and let it flow through the body. The unrestricted flow of energy is what resolves every painful symptom.

Is Physical Therapy Cupping Effective?

The majority of people have already benefited from cupping and were able to get relief from chronic pain. The effectiveness and benefits of cupping therapy are based on the multiple factors involving the cause of the pain too.

Cupping and physical therapy are proven to be pain relievers along with chiropractic & other physical therapies. This non-invasive treatment should be done in the broader plan to achieve long-term pain relief results. Here are some of the positive benefits of cupping therapy:

Cupping increases blood circulation in the body. The additional blood flow in that area can relieve muscle tension & aid cell repair.

It helps the tissues to release essential body toxins. Our body forms many muscle toxins during the therapy process.

lThe therapy curbs out the anxiety level. It promotes deep relaxation & strengthens the nervous system to increase body activities.

Cupping technique physical therapy can reduce scars and stretch marks in the skin. In addition, the restored lymphatic circulation and removal of oedema fluid prevent the skin from scarring.

The cupping massage therapy clears congestion. The congestion is fluid collection in the lungs caused due to cold, Asthma, bronchitis, Etc. It helps in treating Asthma patients.

The varicose & spider veins are improved in the body. These look like bulging veins under the skin and are mostly found in the legs. It is caused by restricting the blood movement to the heart from muscle, and hence congestion occurs. Cupping can free colon blockages in the skin.

Therapy aids in a person’s digestive system. With frequent sessions of physical therapy cupping set, one can easily keep the digestive tract in line.

Does Cupping Is Capable of Causing Any Side Effects?

Cupping physical therapy can cause bruising due to blood coming at the skin surface where the cup was positioned. In some cases, a minor discomfort can also occur after a deep massage therapy session. Those who are taking blood-thinning medications should consult the doctor’s advice before opting for cupping therapy for back pain relief.

Jsk Acupuncture Offers Safe Cupping Therapy

The majority of people are suffering from the problem of back pain or neck pain these days. We can witness the same in gym lovers, athletes, pop stars, or anyone else. Cupping therapy is becoming a new normal to get relief from chronic muscle tightness and sore back pain. The physical therapy cupping by JSK Acupuncture is one of the soft tissue treatments helping in numerous body pains.

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