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A balanced human body has a natural resistance to various diseases.
For the past years, we have been helping our patients applying the Five Element Nutritional Lifestyle

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Acupuncture, which uses fine needles to stimulate the body’s natural way of healing and balancing it out. When you receive an acupuncture treatment there is a prompt for your intelligent system in order to restore homeostasis (a state where all systems are functioning properly).

Acu-facial is a safe, effective way to get back your youthful skin. This treatment includes the use of acupuncture and natural ingredients that work together for better results than surgery or other cosmetic procedures on Wrinkle reduction AND facial re sculpting

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that has been used for centuries to help with pain, inflammation and well-being. The cupping process involves putting special cups onto the skin while creating suction in order create effective relief from these symptoms


Acupuncturist, Founder & Owner: Ji Sung Kim

Ji Sung Kim is a board certified Diplomate in Acupuncture from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

She completed dual Bachelor and Masters of Science and Traditional Oriental Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in New York City.

While studying at PCOM she also studied at the San Diego campus to enrich her education and clinical experience.


Following her education, she apprenticed in Seoul, Korea under doctors of oriental medicine at “Han Nara” and “Ten Ten” clinics, specializing in hair loss, weight loss, and various other conditions.

She has been practicing Five Element Nutritional lifestyle with the guidance of her father who apprenticed with a grand-master in Korea. Through her own experience of healing with traditional medicine, she naturally progressed to enter the field of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Growing up as a lacrosse player and having experienced sports injuries, Ji understands the pain and suffering of athletes. She applies her compassion along with her training and education in treating her sports injury patients. In more recent years, Ji enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. She has participated in a three day bike marathon from Boston to New York for a charity event.

Healthy living that begins today and lasts a lifetime!

The Acupuncture Ecosystem


Acupuncture is a great way to help with pain management and stress relief. Acupuncture points are chosen according your specific diagnosis, once the needles are in most patients feel relaxed or even sleepy! 


Cupping is like a massage in reverse! The gentle pressure of cupped hands can help your body’s natural detoxification process by drawing toxins out through the skin and into escape routes that are more easily accessible for disposal by our immune system.

Acu faicial

Have you noticed that your skin is tired, droopy or sagging? You’re not alone. Many people experience these symptoms every day and they can be caused by a number of factors such as poor diet habits, environmental exposure (salt), alcohol consumption etcetera.. The good news: there’s an innovative new treatment called the “AcuFacial” which offers non surgical ways to reduce wrinkles while also improving elasticity in order for our faces

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There Are Several Health Insurance Plans That Cover Acupuncture in New York City.

What patients say about us


    I am a female 50+ who had been losing hair slowly. At the end of July 2017, I experienced sudden massive hair loss that was very alarming. Within days, I visited my PCP who drew blood, ordered Ultrasound of thyroid & abdomen, and wrote a referral to see a dermatologist. In short, both ultrasound tests and the blood/thyroid test results were normal. The dermatologist diagnosed female pattern alopecia and prescribed Spironolactone 100mg/day. While on this med, I unexpectedly experienced side effects (weight loss, higher resting heart rate, and a body rash). She performed a scalp biopsy, the results indicated androgenic alopecia. When asked if this alopecia is reversible, she said yes. She suggested I begin daily application of Rogaine/Minoxidil. Decided to not do this upon learning when you stop the daily application, you will again experience hair loss. After 6 weeks of frustration, I turned to the Internet to research forother hair loss options / ideas which were numerous and endless. I looked into acupuncture after receiving a friend’s recommendation to visit Ji Sung Kim Acupuncture. Ms. Kim listened quite intently when I explained the events leading up to this point. She suggested I begin with acupuncture treatments @ 2-3 visits per week. By the 3rd week of needling, she suggested I start to drink certain Chinese herbs known to grow hair. By the 2nd week of drinking the herbal tea, Ms. Kim’s assistant Terue became extremely excited when she noticed little hairs sprouting and sticking up like little spikes ½ inch long!!! I strongly believe the acupuncture and the Chinese Herbal Tea resulted in the tapering off of the daily hair loss. Now my hair is growing!!!The success is due to the great acupuncture team of Ji Sung Kim and her wonderful assistants. They’ve treated and guided me throughout this ordeal and have been very supportive and encouraging. I’m extremely grateful for their knowledge and compassion.

      Jen Murray
      Jen Murray

      I have been a fan of acupuncture for helping the body heal for a long time, and I am so glad I found Dr, Kim after I moved to the city. She is a great healer, and very knowledgeable about the issues I was having. Her treatment helped me immensely, and she's wonderful to work with- always on time and professional. The office staff is always very friendly too!

        Eric Kim
        Eric Kim

        I am a male early/mid-30s (depends on how you see it lol) who had been having some pain on the left hand since mid-October 2021. I thought that it would cure itself so I rested it for about 2-3 weeks. But the pain didn’t go away so I actively researched western Orthopedics and neurosurgery professionals. I made a couple of visits and they gave me a shot with a hand brace that I can keep my hand stable. After 2 weeks of using a brace, my hand got better so I took off the brace. However, about 1.5 weeks after taking the brace my left hand started to hurt again so I looked into acupuncture after receiving a friend's recommendation to visit Ji Sung Kim Acupuncture. On my first visit, Dr. Kim was super friendly and listened quite intently when I share the context/history of my pain. She suggested I begin with acupuncture treatments 1-2 visits per week 3-4 times and I said yes. After 2nd treatment, the frequency of the pain(felt like an electric shot) appearance got dramatically decreased to 3/10 (before 6/10). I just had my 3rd treatment today and I feel relieved to see the positive progress. I have gone to other doctor’s offices and some doctors become not so friendly once I become their patients. But Dr. Kim stayed the same, always warmly welcoming and making sure I had the best treatment experience while my visit. She also suggested some exercise that I can do at home to maximize the treatment and even provided some special bandage that has some acupunctural functionality. I strongly believe the acupuncture and her treatment resulted in decreasing my left-hand pain. Now I feel much comfortable with my left hand! She treated and guided me throughout this ordeal and has been very supportive and encouraging. I'm extremely grateful for her knowledge and dedication to providing the best treatment. (:thanks)

          Jane Taerim Kim

          I’m so impressed by this place! My friend suggested me that this place is the best place. I’ve tried few places in Manhattan but I can say that this place is really the best! Dr Kim really listen to my physical problem and try her best to solve the problem. My back pain got much better which gave me a new life:) I truly recommend this place!!!

            Bill Siegler
            Bill Siegler

            I came to Dr. Kim a several weeks ago unable to flex my left foot and ankle. My gait was awkward. My foot flopped when I walked. After a few sessions flexibility started to return. There was a marked improvement, and walking was slowly returning to normal. More quickly than I thought it would. Having not tried acupuncture before, I am certainly a convert now. And I would recommend Dr. Kim to anyone who is contemplating acupuncture. She is a caring and compassionate practitioner.


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